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Frequently asked questions

• Product information?
• How is the product designed and made?
• How should I learn?
• What size fits me?
• How to dress/wrap my own wrap top?
• Why is there not all the articles are all sizes available?
• Why can't I discount articles (articles with discount) and a tailor-made article not to return?
• What should I do to have a tailor-made garment?
• Why is donated to good causes and what are these?

Product information
The leather what we use is made of sheepskin leather, cowhide and lambskin leather. If we are a different type of leather to use then this is stated in the article.
If supplies (such as buckles, grommets, zippers, snaps, nistels) are used, these are manufactured from a nickel-free metal.
If used cords are synthetic with plastic tips.

If an article is taken then this is stated in the article. Lining is 100% polyester.

How is the product designed and made?
The articles are outlined and designed, then any number of samples per measure is made for a perfect fit. Then, all the articles completely manually per piece made in our workshop.

How should I learn?
Leather should not be washed. For cleaning we recommend a damp cloth with mild soap(e.g. castillezeep). to use, take this any spots away, then wipe dry with a soft cloth. If it is damaged by use, it is possible the leather is lightly brushed with shoe Polish, leave to withdraw, and to rub (the same as leather shoes). Do you want to learn to let cleaning go to the better dry cleaners and ask for a special leather cleaning. If teaching by e.g. rain get wet, leave it lying, or hanging on a hanger, dry in a space with a maximum of 20 degrees celsius.



matenWhat size suits me?

S = dress size 34-36
M = dress size 38-40
L = size 42-44
XL = dress size 46-48

S = chest 89-95cm
M = chest size 95-101cm
L = chest 101-107cm
XL = chest size 107-113c

S = onderborstomvang 63-72cm
M = onderborstomvang 73-82cm
L = onderborstomvang 83-92cm
XL = onderborstomvang 93-102cm

S = waist 70cm
M = waist 79cm
L = waist 89cm
XL = waist 99cm

S = hip 92-98cm
M = hip 99-104cm
L = hip 105-112cm
XL = hip 113-121cm

S = inseam 83cm
M = inseam 88cm
L = inside leg length 93cm
XL = inseam 98cm

How to dress/wrap my own wrap top?

Why is there not all the articles are all sizes available?
It may be that the model is not suitable for a certain size.
Sometimes it is a certain size or on size,but only on request (delivery time 6-8 weeks). Please contact us and we'll be happy to help.
It is possible that a model in a different color can be made on request. Please note that we do not have other colors in stock are black, red and white. It can also occur that a certain colour does not deliver. Please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Why can I discount (articles with discount) and a tailor-made article not to return?
The discountartikelen be at very reduced price sold and are no longer made. Due to the low price and the costs of (return)shipments this service is not offered. Of course, you can (discount)article fit in our workshop prior to purchase.

As the name already says, “tailor-made” means that the garment for your body specifically created and therefore not be exchanged.

What should I do to have a tailor-made garment?
You can best contact us via email or phone or visit our studio to America (North Limburg).
To make a garment in order to create, it is important to know what your needs and requirements. A first interview can take place in our studio or we can also via Whatsapp (video), in which we have any follow-up appointment.
For example, the record of the sizes is a personal visit to our workshop is necessary.

Why is donated to good causes and what are these?
By the personal involvement of Jacintha in the suffering of neglected stray dogs in Greece for instance, she wants to actively contribute to the improvement of the living environment of these street dogs. By the use of scrap leather we can provide the cost for making a piece of jewelry (“Happy Wanderer") limit. This piece of jewelry, you can get extra with your order purchase. The entire proceeds of the sale of this jewelry will be donated to a charity.

The good purpose for the second half of 2018 is: street dogs of Lesvos

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